Mosaic Bathroom Tiles Achieve a Soothing Spa Retreat

A Work of Art in the Bathroom
When it comes to renovating or redecorating the bathroom, using mosaic tiles on the wall or floor can make the room go from blah to beautiful. Mosaic tile consists of any grid of small tiles that work together to create a whole pattern. Some mosaic tiles will even work together to form a decorative mural effect that spans the entire wall. However, mosaic tile is not limited to the wall and can be used as flooring to give it an artistic flare.
Eye-catching patterns can be created with mosaic tiles by using various colors and shapes interchangeably. While there are many types of mosaic tiles, a field of similar colored tiles that are three inches or smaller is considered a mosaic tile pattern. Mosaic tiles are not always square and are available in shapes such as:
  • Rectangles
  • Hexagons
  • Circles
Mosaic tiles can be cut to fit any pattern imaginable, allowing for endless design possibilities. Tiles are also available in a rainbow of colors to match any décor.
Create a Masterpiece Using Mosaic
With many modern homes boasting large showering areas and almost triple the wall space, new bathroom designs have made tile the defining style element. For a unique and stylish finish in the bathroom, mosaic bathroom tiles bring color, design and character to the space. Consider incorporating mosaic tiling in the bathroom to create either of the following statements:
  • Wall Mosaic – provides a permanent artistic element that will create the feel of a luxurious and relaxing spa in the bathroom. Incorporating colours and thematic elements that complement the decorative style of the bathroom will give it a majestic feel.
  • Floor Mosaic – makes an excellent focal piece when it acts as flooring and will instantly give the bathroom a sense of timeless elegance. Tile is an especially great choice for high traffic areas because it is durable and easy to clean.
Adding mosaic tiling to the bathroom will create a stunning end result that will be enjoyed everyday.
The Natural Choice
Although a popular choice for bathroom tiles is ceramic, it has a tendency to become discolored with age and can form tiny chips and cracks. An alternative to ceramic tiles is natural stone. Aesthetically pleasing and durable, some advantages of natural stone include:
  • Uniqueness
  • Timeless quality
  • Easy to maintain
Some types of natural stone tiles are:
  • Granite – can be treated almost as it were a ceramic tile, it is reasonably priced and has great wear-resistance. Granite's high temperature and pressure resistance makes it an ideal material for tiles in a shower or floor.
  • Marble – adds class to any shower or flooring project. Marble is practical, attractive and a great option for surfaces in the bathroom that will last for years to come. Marble can also be used for a backsplash in the kitchen.
Regardless if the bathroom makeover is for a small or large space, mosaic tiles will spice up the feel of the room. Incorporating natural stone will bring even more beauty to a bathroom remodel project and will never go out of style.